Titan ETEM G2

The Titan ETEM G2 built by FEI company is a state-of-the-art microscopy platform that has been specifically engineered to provide the world’s best in-situ S/TEM imaging currently available. The Titan ETEM housed at the COIFPM, which is one of only a handful in the U.S., has been specially outfitted to allow characterization of samples at angstrom resolution while simultaneously introducing fluid phases and modulating temperature and vacuum pressure conditions. The microscope also incorporates an EDAX elemental detector for advanced, real-time characterization of samples at ultra-high resolution. Through the use of specially designed sample holders, live imaging can be conducted on samples undergoing a wide array of electrical, mechanical and chemical stimuli. Additionally, the Titan ETEM features real-time reactant gas analysis (RGA) using its built-in mass spectrometer. Without a doubt, the Titan ETEM at the COIFPM is one of the world’s most advanced characterization tools currently available in the energy industry.