Instrument Scheduling

COIFPM Data Acquisition Project Procedure

Rev1- 231217 

Download Data Acquisition Project Procedure

Step 1- Submit Request: Individuals or entities needing access to imaging equipment (i.e., medical-CT scanner, micro-CT scanner, QEMSCAN, SEM, and ETEM) at COIFPM will submit their applications to: using the attached COIFPM Data Acquisition Project Request Form. Within two business days of receipt of the request, COIFPM will post the request with a tracking number to the COIFPM Data Acquisition Project Dashboard, where the status of the request, proposal, approvals, and execution can be viewed by anyone on the network.

Step 2- Initial Technical Review: Within 10 business days, COIFPM’s Equipment Access Team will conduct a technical review of the request and contact the requestor with any follow-up questions on the COIFPM Data Acquisition Project Request Form. COIFPM will assign an Instrument Operator(s) and/or Technical Lead to work with the requestor as a Project Team.     

Step 3- Project Proposal Development: The Project Team will meet to review and confirm a shared understanding of system capabilities and data acquisition approach. The Project Team will develop their plan with a level of detail appropriate to the scope and document that plan in a COIFPM Data Acquisition Project Proposal. The COIFPM Members of the Project Team will ensure the COIFPM Data Acquisition Project Proposal includes planning and estimates for:

o   Equipment time requirements

o   Staff time requirements, including data acquisition and processing

o   Planned iterations, i.e. acquire data, process and evaluate data, adjust acquisition approach or other variables, repeat.

o   Materials and supplies required to complete the scope (including material availability and delivery lead time)

o   Data acquisition project budget and schedule (simple statement of estimated costs and activity durations).

Step 4- Project Proposal Approval: Within 5 business days of submission, the COIFPM Data Acquisition Project Proposal will be reviewed and approved (or returned for revision) by:

o   COIFPM Director (or designee)

o   Requesting Organization Department Head (or designee)

Step 5- Data Acquisition Scheduling & Execution: Once the COIFPM Data Acquisition Project Proposal is approved, the work will be scheduled, subject to staff and equipment availability. The work will be scheduled as quickly as possible.

Step 6- Data Processing & Close Out: Following data acquisition, the Project Team will work together per the COIFPM Data Acquisition Project Proposal to complete any data processing, modeling, etc. When the scope of the COIFPM Data Acquisition Project Proposal is delivered, the Project Team will formally close the project with notice to

*Lab Floor Access Control: COIFPM is an access-controlled facility, primarily to ensure Employee safety, as medium and high hazard experiments are ongoing. Un-escorted COIFPM lab access is granted only after COIFPM General Lab Safety Training is completed. Requestors and their Team Members are welcome and encouraged to be present for the execution of the work, but instrument operation will only be executed by authorized COIFPM workers. Requestors and their Teams are welcome on the lab floor during execution of the work, but they will need to be escorted by a person with COIFPM lab access who can ensure their safety through compliance to COIFPM lab procedures.

**Equipment and Staff Costing: Budgets developed in step 3 as well as charges costed to the Requestor’s organization will be in accordance with the most updated COIFPM Rate Schedule, which includes by-instrument-system and by-role costing for data acquisition project work. One of the COIFPM members of the Project Team will be assigned to provide monthly reporting of costs, to be reviewed jointly with the requestor before submission to the COIFPM Business Office. The COIFPM Business Office will submit monthly billing to the requesting department monthly.