Macro-scale Core Flooding Apparatus

The macro-scale core flooding equipment at the COIFPM are state-of-the-art, reservoir-conditions multiphase core-flooding systems that includes a nine-cylinder Quizix pumping system (5000 and 6000 series), two compensation accumulators, an acoustic three-phase separator, air-operated valves, differential pressure transducers, Hassler type core holders, and three integrated mechanical convection ovens.  All the wetted parts of the apparatus are made of Hastelloy and other highly corrosion resistant materials. The experimental setup is a closed-loop system that allows fluids to be co-injected into a core at elevated temperatures and pressures with the option of incorporating continuous macro-scale X-ray CT scanning. The systems have been designed and tested to accommodate pressures up to 10,000psi and 200 degrees Celsius with both gas and liquids, allowing for an unprecedented range of experimental conditions to be achieved.